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English 9-12 - The Design Process

Welcome back to school!

I am so happy to be returning for another year at Longfellow!  I have been a teacher with Minneapolis Public Schools for several years and look forward to our year together.

The Design Cycle

  • Define the Problem

    • What is my goal?

  • Collect Information

    • Online Research:  What should I make?  What ideas are practical given my skills?  What ideas might work best and do well in the marketplace?  What should I write down in my notebook so that I remember the pattern/idea?

  • Brainstorm

    • Now that I have some ideas, what is my plan for making this happen?  What do I need?  What fabric will I start with?  What skills do I need to complete my project?  How can I learn to do what I need to do?  Will I work alone or with someone?  Do I have what I need?

  • Construct the Product

    • Choosing my yard of fabric, trading portions of it if needed, creating a plan, pattern, cutting, sewing, seam ripping, finishing.

  • Analyzing Flaws

    • Am I happy with my end product?  If not, what can I change?  

document Unit Elements   --  What can a student expect in their Language Arts Classroom?
document Strong Readers   --  What can we do to become strong readers that are ready for college and career?
document Classroom Engagement Plan   --  You can read a detailed plan for classroom engagement for this school year. We will have a fabulous year!
PDF 2017 Learning Targets   --  All that we do this year will help us build our skills in these areas.